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 sqlReports Classic

sqlReports was released in 2009 as a free customization that allows users of PowerSchool SIS to easily create and run interactive custom reports.  It's longevity, ease of use, and many other features have made it very popular.  sqlReports Classic is the free version of sqlReports, and once you download and use it, you'll see why sqlReports is one of the most popular and powerful customizations ever created! 

 Site Subscription

Are you too busy to create reports or not familiar enough with SQL to create them?  If so, then the Site subscription is an ideal solution for you.  You get access to 250+ reports on the site, sqlReports Premium, several non-sqlReports downloads, and all of the Knowledgebase articles.

 sqlExports Subscription

Are you self-hosted and need to create some exports of SIS data and are finding that AutoSend and Data Export Manager can't handle the export, or that you don't have time to deal with creating PowerQueries?  If so, then the sqlExports subscription may be for you.   Just create a sqlReport to get the data you need and use sqlExports to export it once or on a schedule.


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