Below is a list of changes to the site as of January 14, 2020:

  • sqlReports Classic can now be downloaded without the need for an account.  Due to the change, the free accounts for this site have been purged from the database as they are no longer needed.  The account application form has been removed from the Login menu.
  • Due to the change mentioned above, the Terms of Use for the site has been updated.  It's important that all users of this site read the terms.
  • The sqlReports Classic download is now just the plugin instead of as in the past where it was a download with various files.  Files that used to be in the download with the plugin, such as the installation guide and sample reports, have been moved to the Documentation page on this site under the Downloads menu and are available to the public.  The user guide for sqlReports Classic has been removed from the plugin and is now at this site only in the Documentation area.  The basic sqlReports troubleshooting article that was part of the user guide is now available for public viewing on the Knowledgebase page.
  • sqlExports Lite, which was part of the former sqlReports Classic download, is now only available upon request from users who express interest in a sqlExports subscription and wish to try out the Lite version to see how sqlExports works.  More information can be found on the sqlExports overview page.
  • Some articles, including latest news ones, that were only available to account holders, are now available to the public.
  • The free premium content promotion that was available for several months for those who requested a quote for a site subscription has ended.  Thanks to everyone who participated!






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