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You can reach Matt Freund by emailing him at matt @   He will try to respond to all emails received during weekday business hours (9 am - 5 pm CST) as soon as possible, however, there may be a delay in responding at times due to travel.    Emails received on a weekend may not be answered until the following Monday.

If you have not received a reply within 24 hours*, please be sure to check your spam folder first, and if nothing is there, please email Matt again.   Please make sure your email server allows emails from the domain and your email inbox does as well, so that any replies do not end up in your spam or junk folder.

*Emails that are business related or deal with subscriptions will be given first priority.  If you're looking for free help regarding PS, customizations, or SQL, those emails will be given low priorty and may take several days to answer, if at all.  You should instead post those types of questions to the National PSUG user group or to PowerSource forums.

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