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sqlReports Troubleshooting

The following articles have information that can be used for troubleshooting sqlReports.


Basic How To's for sqlReports

The following articles cover basic how-to's for sqlReports and most of the information is also in the user guide.


Learning and Using SQL

The following articles are handy to learn or use SQL, with an emphasis on use with PS and sqlReports.

  • Basic SQL - if you're not familiar with SQL or just want a refresher on the basics, start here
  • Intermediate SQL - once you know the basics, move on to some more powerful commands
  • Advanced SQL - how to use pivot tables and create derived tables with joins or withs

  • Use PS Custom Fields in SQL - how to add either legacy or extended PS custom fields to your SQL
  • Handy SQL for Teacher Reports in sqlReports - sql to use for class rosters or teacher specific reports
  • Useful Joins on PS Tables - when to use studentid vs studentdcid and other useful joins

  • More SQL Related Articles - the site has additional data mining and customization articles the cover things such as settup up and using Oracle SQL Developer, using tlist_sql on custom pages or json files, and using tlist_sql to create single series charts on pages

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