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The downloads for sqlReports can be found in the All Downloads option under the Downloads menu, however, you must have an account on the site to download any file, including the free downloads.  If you do not have an account, you can apply for one via the Account Application page under the Login menu.

sqlReports FAQ

What's the current version of sqlReports?

There are currently two versions available.  One is 6.10.0, which has HTML5 buttons, and 5.10.0, which has both Flash and HTML5 buttons.  Release notes and version history can be found on the Documentation page.

I get a Cross-Site Scripting Error with sqlReports - why?

Anyone who is on PS or later and is on a version prior to sqlReports 5.4.x will get the error when importing a sqlReport.  You can also get the error on any version of sqlReports if one is using HTML in a sql query and trying to run the report or edit the report.   So it depends on where you're getting the error.  Please see this article for more information and what to do.

I have a plugin with the name Power_Pack_EWS_sqlReports5 - is it supported?

No - that is an unauthorized, and outdated, version of sqlReports - the employees of the company that created it have been banned from this site for violating it's Terms of Use - and should be removed from your server and replaced with a version from this site.  If you were told by the company that you should not uninstall it, you were misled because the reports for it will work fine with versions of sqlReports from this site.

I'm running an earlier version, do I need to upgrade to 5.x before 6.x?

No - even if you're running sqlReports 4.7 you can upgrade directly to 6.x.  Anytime you install a new version, be sure to clear your browser cache as new css files and scripts (both which get cached by browsers) are used.

After I upgrade, will I have to rebuild reports I made in earlier versions?

No - every version of sqlReports saves the report setup in the same table in the database.  Any report you created in an earlier version, including the Custom SQL Reports version, will show up automatically in sqlReports.

I'm new to sqlReports - does installing the plugin add any reports?

No - the install only adds the customization itself.  The reports themselves are stored in the Gen table and there's no way to install them with a plugin.  You will need to add reports using the import feature of sqlReports and there are 30+ free reports at this site that you could install.

Is there a way to stay currrent on new developments?

Yes - the latest news is posted on this site's home page, and if you're on Facebook, new items are posted on the site's Facebook page.  You can also join the sqlReports user group and receive email related to new developments.

Does sqlReports work with PS 12?

Yes - sqlReports and it's add-ons have been tested with PS 12 and work fine with it.

Can I use sqlReports even if I'm hosted?

Yes - it's like any other customization and will work on hosted or self-hosted environments

How is sqlReports different than Custom SQL Reports?

Custom SQL Reports is a much older version of sqlReports - it's basically a modified version of sqlReports 2.  It's missing a lot of the features that are standard with sqlReports 4 and 5, such as restricting which groups can run reports, drop-down column filtering, row grouping, field level security, drop-down menus on the parameters part, and much more.  Plus it cannot run the reports at this site and does not work with sqlExports.  Reports built in Custom SQL Reports though will work in sqlReports, so you can upgrade and get all the new features while still keeping your original sql and columns.

Can I create my own drop-down menus?

Yes - previous downloads had a pdf on how to do it, but that pdf has been replaced with an online article that can be found here.

Will PowerQueries run in sqlReports?

No - PowerQueries themselves will not work with sqlReports because the structure of the two does not lend itself to interoperability.  However, one could simply create a sqlReports report based on the SQL from the PowerQuery and add user parameters and built-in parameters, and create a sqlReports report or chart for admins and/or teachers based on the SQL.

I'm not familiar with SQL - is there a place to learn the basics?

Yes - check out the articles on SQL written by Matt on sisresources.org.

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