sqlReports Add-Ons

The following can be found in the All Downloads option under the Downloads menu, however, you must have an account on the site to download any file, including free downloads.  If you do not have an account, you can apply for one by applying for an account using the Account Application page under the Login menu.

sqlReports Admin Left Nav Menu Link

A simple plugin that adds a link to sqlReports on the Reports list on the admin portal left navigation menu.  Download includes an installation guide (with a screenshot) and plugins for either sqlReports 4.7.0 or 5.x.   Only for users on PowerSchool 10 or higher.

sqlReports Q Lite

sqlReports Q Lite is a free version of sqlReports Q.  It has limitations compared to the full version, but you can still use it for general purposes.

sqlExports Lite

sqlExports Lite is a free version of sqlExports.  It has limitations compared to the full version, but you could still use the lite version to save data from some of your sqlReports reports to the report queue.

Saved Params

Saved Params allows the saving of the parameters for a report when the user runs the report.  It's handy for users to be able to run their last information again vs someone else's, plus one can build a sqlReport to view the last time users have run a certain report.   The download only contains files for the current free versions of sqlReports - users of the site subscriber version should use the version in the site subscribers download area instead.   Do not use if you're running a version of sqlReports older than a version on the site's download page.

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