sqlReports Related

sqlReports (Admin Portal) - find out more about the main part of sqlReports. 

sqlReports (Teacher Portal) - the teacher portal is part of the sqlReports download, but is a separate plugin that allows you to easliy add sqlReports for teachers to use.

sqlCharts - the charts area is included in both the admin and teacher version of sqlReports and allows you to create single or multi series charts without having to doing any chart coding.

sqlReports Q - an add-on that allows admins to schedule reports to run automatically and the output viewed in the PS report queue.  It's only available to site subscribers.

sqlExports - an add-on that allows admins to automatically export data based on sqlReports.  The full version is only available to those who purchase a subscription for it, but a "lite" version is available for free.

Saved Params - an add-on that saves the parameters entered by the user for the last time they ran a sqlReport.  It also saves the last time and date the user ran the report.

Non - sqlReports Related

Custom Links - allows one to create a links page in PS to either internal or external pages. 

Custom Standards Reports is a series of free reports built as custom pages for the admin portal.

sqlFormLetters - a customization that allows you to use SQL to create the content for form letters. 

Student Contacts Mailing Labels is a reporting engine report that allows one to easily create mailing labels for use with the new student contacts feature in PS 12+.