Below are some of the features available in sqlReports Premium, which is a version of sqlReports that's only available to active site subscribers (the screenshots below with student data contain fictional data from a training database from the PS support site):

Additional Functions

You can easily mass change report group names for all your reports, or with one click, check the system log for any Oracle errors:

ExpandedFunctions  EditGroups

Additional Preferences

You can assign more than one group to be the preferred admin group, easily change the sqlReports link in the teacher portal to something else, enable linking reports to sqlReports Q, and mass export all of your sqlReports reports:


Header and Footer

Add more detail to your reports by adding information above (header) or below (footer) the output of a report:


Check for Cross-Site Scripting Errors

You can check your SQL Query, Header, and Footer text boxes for possible cross-site scripting errors without having to save the report.  That allows you to avoid losing all your work when you save and have an error:



Eight Parameters

Three additional parameters allows you to make even more powerful reports, such as early warning system ones that search on grades and attendance and other options:


Additional Current Selection Options

In additon to the make current selection button, you can add a button to let you add the results to the current selection, or have a link on the report to help you see which students are in the current selection:


Drop-Downs Examples and Information

If you've wondered what a drop-down would return when the report is run, then you'll find this handy.  See what the drop-downs would look like and find specific information about each one:


JSON Output

If you've wanted to save the output of a report in JSON format, the new JSON button will produce a JSON file of the data on the screen:


Information Line Above the Data Table

With the results line on top, you can quickly see how many rows have been returned or filtered:


Add Subgrouping to Reports

Reports that use row grouping can also have subgroups using a new class= command:


Printer Page Breaks on Row Grouping

Reports that contain row grouping can have page breaks based on the grouping.  You could create a report of student rosters, with students grouped by section, and when printed, each section starts on a new page:








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