Here are some things that set sqlReports apart and to consider when deciding to use it versus another application or custom pages:

Longevity - Dean Dahlvang released sqlReports in 2009 and it's still being updated and maintained!  Any time a new version of the SIS is released, sqlReports and it's add-ons are tested with it and any needed adjustments are made asap.

New Features - the current version of sqlReports looks different than the original one that Dean released, and that's because it's been actively maintained over the years with updates and new features

Ease of Use - many users are able to install the plugin and import reports within minutes or create new reports easily.  It's also easy to change parts of a report compared to changing a custom page or report, especially custom pages and reports from others. 

Teacher Portal - sqlReports has a teacher portal version to go with it, allowing you to easily create reports for teachers to use. 

Multi-Series Charts - there are 25+ chart types that can be used in sqlReports, ranging from single series pie charts to multi-series stacked charts.  Plus there's no need to know any chart coding.

Reports in One Place - the sqlReports main menu allows users to see all the reports in one place and easily navigate to them vs looking for them in various parts of the SIS.

Group Access - the reports in sqlReports can be viewed by all groups or just users in certain groups, creating less confusion among users about which reports to use.

Well Documented - sqlReports includes an online user guide, plus there's plenty of documentation for sqlReports on this site, including installation and user guides for sqlReports, troubleshooting articles, and how-to articles.

Large Collection of Reports - this site hosts the largest collection of reports for sqlReports on the web.  If you're not familiar with SQL or just don't have the time to create reports, the large collection can prove invaluable.   Plus you can install the reports you want and not have to install bundles and bundles of reports that have links to reports you'll never use.

Large User Base - given it's longevity and ease of use, there's a large user base which helps make it easy to get answers to questions, plus there's always a good chance someone has already created the report you need.

Those are just some of many features to consider - if the other option doesn't have all the above then you may want to use sqlReports instead!


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